San Francisco earthquake fiasco / bay area earthquake tracker

The cataclysmic event did, in any event, result in occupations being bay area earthquake tracker made. Cleanup and remaking set many individuals to work. My folks got hitched the next year. I was a ways into my 20’s before I saw notable photographs from the Long Beach occasion on a TV program. In spite of the fact that I had heard family stories commonly, I don’t think I understood the degree of the calamity until seeing the old photographs.

Huge numbers of the downtown structures had been unreinforced block, which disintegrated into mammoth piles of rubble, giving the entire city bay area earthquake tracker the appearance of a war’s fallout. Consequent California tremors, have been significantly less dangerous than they may have been a direct result of exercises learned in ’33.

The Long Beach shake brought about another arrangement of state laws requiring intense construction standards for California which influenced the development of structures. Schools and other open structures were required to pursue exacting  bay area earthquake tracker measures for seismic tremor opposition.

Paddling up in a working class rural neighborhood I felt both free and safe in my young life, free from pressure and encompassed by a more distant family that got along well and even preferred one another.

We went to the beach frequently in the 50’s and 60’s. Yes, Long Beach was a beautiful place and a good place to grow up. The city did go bay area earthquake tracker through a period of steep decline. In more recent years there have been efforts to revitalize downtown and the shore area. The last time I was there was ten years ago. There were lots of little shops and sidewalk cafes, a brew pub, a bookstore and other small businesses, but there were also some vacant sites.

Some of the new enterprises looked as if they might be struggling. A light rail public transportation system has been put in, and I have heard rumors that some bay area earthquake tracker of the elements of “The Pike” (amusement park) may be reborn. I do recall the Sylmar quake, though it didn’t affect us personally.

Also the Northridge Quake in 1994, did a lot of damage — it happened a couple of days after my Dad died. Mom said that all of the quake news at least was distracting and kept her from thinking about his passing every moment of the day, at that time.

It may be true that frequent small shakers release the energy and dissipate it with less damage. That seems logical, at least. When there hasn’t been a quake for a long time, it often seems that it is more intense.

Every area seems to have its particular potential for some kind of disaster. It sounds like you live in a beautiful place. At one point when they had a moderately good shake– everyone (instead of following the drill) headed over to the windows to see what was happening to the constructionbay area earthquake tracker workers who were in the ‘skeleton’ stage of building a new high rise.  The workers were holding tightly to the steel girders.

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